2024 at Vista Ranch: Farewell Max! Welcome Emily, Rose, Erin and Shaun!

2024 Summer: Pizza, music and fun in Vista Ranch.

2024 Spring: Exploring new architecture on campus!

2023 at Vista Ranch: It is all about cultivating and harvesting!

2023 at Vista Ranch: Embracing another new academic year.
2023 at Vista Ranch: Celebrating the completion of summer.

2023 summer: Max and Baldemar presented at the UROC symposium.

2022 in Mainzer Theater: Celebrating New year of 2023.

2022 in Mainzer Theater: Merry Christmas!

2022: Little birthday celebration for Oscar.

2022 at Vista Ranch: We are here again!

2021 winter in Mainzer theatre, downtown Merced

2021 Fall: fun teamwork outside the lab.

2020 at Vista Ranch: for some special memories.

2020 at Vista Ranch:
Farewell Hualing! Welcome back Oscar!
Happy New year!

2019 UROC symposium

2019 UROC Symposium
2019 at Vista Ranch

2019 Summer
2019 at Vista Ranch

2018 Summer at Vista Ranch